South African Airways

South African Airways is South Africa’s largest airline, has its hub in Cape Town and Johannesburg. South African Airways is one of the few profitable African airlines. It is a Star Alliance member.

South African Airways destinations:

South African Airways destinations in South Africa: Angola, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Kenya, Malawi, Mauritania, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal.

South African Airways destinations in America: Argentina, Brazil and the United States.

South African Airways destinations in Asia: Hong Kong and India.

South African Airways destinations in Europe: Germany and England.

South African Airways destination in Oceania: Australia.

South African Airways phone numbers list:

From South Africa: 011 978 2888

From Senegal: + +221 33 869-4000

From Ghana: +233 (0) 30 276-9200

From Argentina: (+ +5411) 4319-0099

From Brazil: +55 11 2445 4151

From the U.S.: 1 800 722 9675

From Australia: 1300435972

From Germany: 49 12 69299803

From UK: 0871 722 1111

For more information:

To contact the airline from other countries, reservations, schedules, check in and everything else, check out the official website just clicking here.

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