3,300 million of people will travel by plane in 2014

About 3,300 million people will travel by plane at least once in 2014, these will be 1,300 million passengers, according to the proyections released by the International Air Transport Association.

China will bring a substantial part to the increase in passenger numbers and an estimated 800 million additional passengers, 45% moves on routes of Asia-Pacific region and 214 million passengers are associated with the greatest power in Asia.

In order of importance, the five most important countries for international travel, depending on the number of passengers, will be the United States (215 million, an increase of 45 million), United Kingdom (198 million, with 33 billion), Germany (163 million, with 29 more), Spain (123 million, with 21 more) and France (111 million, with 21 billion).

The fastest growing markets for air traffic will be far from the West and outside China, will be United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

For domestic flights, the U.S. will also continue in 2014 as the largest national market, with 671 million passengers, followed by China (379 million), Japan (102 million), Brazil (90 million) and India (69 million .)

Globally, the number of passengers on domestic flights will be 2,000 million in total, compared to 1,500 million in 2009.

3,300 million of people will travel by plane in 2014
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