A hard time for Leonardo DiCaprio on a plane

Leonardo DiCaprio, the famous actor star of “Titanic”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “The Man in the Iron Mask”, among others, had a complex time on the last Sunday on his flight from New York to Russia, to attend the Tiger Sumit in St. Petersburg, where the actor was going to talk about the tigers extinction.

At the time when the plane was over 9 thousand feet, one of its engines stopped working, the fear gripped the passengers of Delta flight, which included DiCaprio.

Soon after the incident the aircraft changed course and returned to New York.

The fact was confirmed by the the artist representatives and stated that the actor “wishes to commend the pilot and crew actions to bring the aircraft to a safe landing.”

They also said “Leo signed autographs for all the crew members when they landed.”

A hard time for Leonardo DiCaprio on a plane
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