Air France blames Airbus for plane failure

Air France airline will blame to the justice to the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus because a possible failure in the plane that crashed on June 1, 2009 when it was flying from Rio de Janeiro to Paris.

The airline detail in a report that Airbus did not pay attention to warnings they sent  about the incidents they were noting with the Pitot probes.

Those sensors measure the Speedy and are manufactured by the French company Thales, and it didn’t work when the plane crashed into the Atlantic because the probes were cover by a layer of ice.

There was a history about such problems over fifteen times in ten months before the incident on other Air France airplanes, who had been warned to Airbus.

In its preliminary findings, the researchers noted that the problem of speed probes may have influenced the accident, but that reason by itself can not explain what happened.

Air France blames Airbus for plane failure
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