Air Traffic Controllers could face 8 years in prison

The general attorney of the Spanish State, Candido Conde-Pumpido, announced that air traffic controllers who left their workplaces will be exposed to penalties up to eight years in prison for the crime of sedition.

This situation caused the close of the Spanish airspace and forced to decree a “state of alarm”, because it is considered a serious crime and punishable from three to eight years in prison.

For the authorities the conflict is not a labor problem, because they have not used the channels provided by these cases, but there has been a “premeditated”, “concerted” and “collective” job abandonment with serious consequences for citizens and Spain.

Conde-Pumpido said there’s more than 20 open inquiries in Spain and more than 400 people responsible.

Spain declared on Saturday a “state of alarm” for the first time in a democratic government, because air traffic controllers left their tasks as a rejection of a new regulation of their working hours.

Air Traffic Controllers could face 8 years in prison
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