AirCell successfully tests in-flight phones and internet

Global airborne telecommunication firm AirCell has announced that it has carried out successful tests on cell phones and wireless internet access on airborne jets.

More than 30 passengers were able to make phone calls with their cell phone, surf the internet, and send emails.

AirCell hopes that these services will be rolled out to air passengers by 2007.
Currently passengers are not allowed to use cell phones on many flights and if allowed reception has been muffled and unclear.

Internet access has also been provided but it is usually very expensive and rarely connected to a passenger’s laptop. AirCell’s product aims to make it affordable and simpler to set up.

The biggest hurdle for AirCell could be from the Federal Communications Commission, which wants to require a license for this type of service, and is only planning on offering a small number of them.

Jack Blumenstein, AirCell chief executive, said in a statement: “During the demonstration flights, it was exciting to watch people experience the system for the first time and hear them come up with more and more ways they could use it.”

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