Airfares rising in the United States

The unstable economy of the US has made the airlines rise their flight rates, for the ninth time this year.

US Airways increased up to US$5 the fees of short trips, bought at the moment, such as walk-up purchases. This rise was also applied by United Airlines, Delta Airlines and Southwest Airlines.

In the case of US Airways, is sure that the costumer demands are strong enough to withstand an increase in the price.

American Airlines also joined the aifare rise, said Rick Seaney, executive chairman of, noting that the increase applies only to rates without reservation or last time purchases, usually made by business travellers. “The airlines feel comfortable enough to raise rates to business travellers. This increase challenges in some sense the situation where the economy is”.Harlan Platt, finance professor at Northeastern University, minimized the increases in prices, “they are substantial and likely to be ignored by most costumers”.

Spokesman of US Airways, United Airlines, Delta and Southwest Airlines confirmed the increase in rates.


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