Airlines avoid Tokyo

Asia and Europe airlines suspended flights to Tokyo on Tuesday, diverting the aircraft to the south for fear of nuclear contamination after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Lufthansa said it would divert flights to Osaka and Nagoya at least until the weekend and reported the planes that returned from Tokyo on Monday were not contaminated.

Air China said it had canceled flights to Tokyo from Beijing and from Shanghai, because of the lack of operational capacity at some airports, while Taiwan’s EVA Airways said it would cancel flights to Tokyo and Sapporo to the end of March.

Other airlines have taken steps to limit the presence of workers in Tokyo. SAP and Infineon are pulling staff from the capital and leading to locations farther south for fear of radiation.

Air France-KLM, pulled all its staff on Monday in Tokyo, leading to Osaka. Swiss International Air Lines announced that it had made a stopover in Hong Kong en route to Tokyo in order to shorten the return of the Japanese capital.

Other companies such as British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and British Airways, said they were still flying to Narita and Haneda airports in Tokyo.

The government also issued warnings as a result of increasing levels of radiation. Britain and the Netherlands were advised not to travel to Tokyo and northeastern Japan. Italy recommended to completely avoid travel to China and particularly travel to the northeast.

Airlines avoid Tokyo
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