Allegiant cancels flight service at last minute from Chicago


Allegiant Air had announced a press conference, scheduled for this morning, in order to make a “Major Airline Announcement”.

But conference was cancelled after the airline decided that flying out of Gary Chicago International Airport isn’t feasible.

Six hours after the announcement of the press conference, the airport’s public relations firm, Diversified Marketing Strategies Inc. of Crown Point, released the following statement: “Allegiant was scheduled on Sept. 28 to announce air service between Gary and Las Vegas. Allegiant informed the airport today that, despite their internal analysis conducted during the last several weeks, operational limitations of their aircraft and the railroad at the end of the runway prevent moving forward with the Gary-Las Vegas route at this time.”

Allegiant Air specializes on tourist destinations such as Las Vegas, Fort Lauderdale, Myrtle Beach, Palm Springs, and other places in the Southeast and Southwest.



Allegiant cancels flight service at last minute from Chicago
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