American introduces Confirmed Flight Change

Dallas-based American Airlines has begun a new service that lets customers get a confirmed seat when they are standing by for a flight.

Confirmed Flight Change will enable passengers to confirm a seat on a different flight on the same day, within three hours of the scheduled departure time of the alternate flight.

Seat confirmation will be given at a cost of $25 if there is enough space.

A recent study by the airline showed that almost 50 per cent of passengers said that being able to make alternative flight arrangements at a self-service machine was essential.
American’s executive vice president of marketing, Dan Garton, said: “We know that travelers’ plans change, but with Confirmed Flight Change, they won’t have to anxiously wait at the airport, hoping for an open seat. Instead, they’ll know they have a confirmed seat and be on their way, and all for about the price of dinner.”

Customers can make changes through Confirmed Flight Change by phone, on self-service machines, or at the airport ticket counter.

Passengers will still be able to fly standby and not pay for the service if they choose to do so, but their seats will not be automatically confirmed.

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