American is animal friendly

American Airlines has recently been recognized by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (P.E.T.A.) with one of the organization’s “Glitterbox” Awards.

The accolade is given to companies with advertisements that P.E.T.A. believes present animals in a positive fashion.

Conversely, P.E.T.A. also has a “Litterbox” Award for ads that do the exact opposite.

American’s ad, called “Answering Machine”, shows a traveler who calls home to say he’s landed and he’ll be back soon. The recipient of the phone call is his dog, who is at home waiting for his master on the couch.

In a statement P.E.T.A. president Ingrid E Newkirk said: “Companies can either warm consumers’ hearts with animal-friendly ads or leave them cold with ads showing animals who are being harmed. Most advertisers seem to be getting the message that encouraging kindness makes good business sense.”

American and a number of other airlines have recently undergone many measures to make pet travel simpler. American has a long section on its website dedicated to those traveling with pets that answers nearly every question imaginable.

Some airlines, such as Continental, have gone as far as giving pets a “pet passport” that is stamped with a paw print each time it’s used. They can also earn frequent flyer miles.

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