An airport designer experiences

If there’ss somebody who knows about being in a plane, thats William Hooper, an architect who specializes in airport design.  “I’m an airport architect, and people either like what you did on a job or hate what you did and, of course, could do it better”.

Most of the time, to travel has more to do with the experience of being on a plane. At least for this architect. When he flies for work, he likes to talk to seatmates because it’s kind of a mini focus group, and he can always learn what people like about certain airport spaces and what they hate.

For as much as he travels, you would think that he would get upgrades. He doesn’t, for a lot of reasons. Coach is his life.

But one time he was on a Virgin flight that was half full. Passengers were scattered like stray cats throughout the plane. The crew took pity and told us to move forward. He was very excited because that  was one of the few times he got to sit in business class. “I was getting acclimated to my new seat when I was approached by a lovely woman who offered me a massage. I’m no fool, I said yes”. Of course.

It was awesome, and more than made up for the time he was flying out of Pakistan with a family who broght some caged chickens on board. It was very weird. But he thought the chickens were visibly well behaved and they probably enjoyed the whole airport experience even more then the regular passengers. So bad they were probably be served that same night.


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