Cheap destinations

We want to share a list of the cheaper destinations on the global travel scene, were you can find both fun and offers, that are actually worth visiting.

Live like a king and enjoy!


With a spectacular Black Sea coast and gorgeous mountainous interior, Bulgaria is one of Europe’s cheaper destinations. But don’t wait too long to visit this country because prices are already rising after having joined the European Union. Is now or never, maybe.


Laos is definitely a place to enjoy and of course, it’s cheap too! It’s the best value of Southeast Asia. With only 20 dollars you can have the time of your life in one day. Laos is beautiful and cheap. What else can you wish for?


Vietnam has been and still is one of the world’s most tempting and budget-friendly destinations. Most of the things you can find in this country is low cost. But, nothing last too long and the fasted growing economy in Southeast Asia show us that it won’t be that cheap forever.


Cheap destinations
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