Cumbre Tajin in Veracruz

One of the most spiritual cultural events in Mexico takes place each March in the city of Veracruz.

Cumbre Tajin is an event full of culture, adventurous art, music, and nearly anything having to do with the body’s mind and spirit.

It is meant for spiritually minded tourists who want to participate in everything from steam baths to bungee jumping.
The festival features singing and dancing performances and fascinating displays from body and soul purifiers and word artists.

It all takes place at the theme park in Tajin, just near Veracruz, which is considered by locals to have a long mystic tradition and history.

Prior to the Spanish arrival, the Totonac people inhabited the Veracruz area. They were known for their attachment and loyalty to the Earth and mysticism. Their spirits and traditions are something that the Cumbre Tajin tries to promote.

Veracruz alone is an interesting place for a visit. Its location on the Gulf Coast and next to the Sierra Madre Oriental mountains have made it one of the most ethnically diverse regions in Mexico with indigenous, Afro-Cuban, and Spanish ancestry all coming together.

Much of this is reflected in the region’s unique cuisine, which combines flavors from all of these backgrounds.

Getting to Mexico is becoming easier and cheaper practically every day. Discount airline Frontier is launching a new route to nearby Cancun just before the Cumbre Tajin starts. ATA and Spirit also have cheap flights to Mexico from the U.S.

Soon however, there should be a number of new discount Mexican airlines modeled after Southwest popping up, as the government privatizes the country’s two largest airlines, Mexicana and Aeromexico. Which should make air travel within Mexico easier and more affordable than ever before.

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