Discover Oceania

Oceania is made up of four regions. You will find Melanesia, Australasia, Micronesia and Polynesia here. Together, these places are Oceania’s heart.

Oceania has no shortage of places to visit while on vacation. The larger land masses are known for their high tourist rate.

The Great Barrier Reef is the Australian’s most known attraction. It is good for anyone who enjoy scuba diving. It incorporates the largest coral reef system in the world. Some areas of the Reef are protected from human intervention while others are there to be enjoyed by all.

While visiting Oceania, a must see is the Kangaroo Island. It is third in line to being the largest of all. Kangaroo Island offers the vacationer surfing and swimming at the most beautiful, pristine beaches. Old shipwrecks can be explored and the colourful landscape is perfect for photographers.

The Sydney Opera House, created by Jorn Utzon, is ranked right up there with the Empire State Building in North America and the Eiffel Tower in France. It is also the one structure that is photographed more than the others.

The vineyards make a great stop along the way. Oceania is one of the best places to buy a great bottle of wine at a really convenient price.


Discover Oceania
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