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  • USA

Flights to Las Vegas. Frontier Airlines: $135 Roundtrip

Flights to San Diego. Virgin America: $138 Roundtrip

  • Mexico/Caribbean

Flights to Cancun. Spirit Airlines: $111 Roundtrip

Flights to Port of Spain. Caribbean Airlines: $299 Roundtrip

  • Europe

Flights to Oslo. Finnair: $536 Roundtrip

Flights to Brussels. Scandinavian Airlines: $630 Roundtrip

  • Asia/Pacific

Flights to Taipei            Korean Air            $858 Roundtrip

Flights to Wellington            V Australia Airlines            $1,036 Roundtrip

  • South America

Flights to Caracas. Santa Barbara Airlines: $482 Roundtrip

Flights to Rio de Janeiro. TAM Linhas Aereas: $800 Roundtrip

  • Africa

Flights to Lagos. Turkish Airlines: $833 Roundtrip

Flights to Dakar. Emirates Airlines: $1,181 Roundtrip






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