Flying While Pregnant

If you are a pregnant woman and you are about to take a flight, the first thing you need to do is to talk to your doctor. Except for any problems or complications, your doctor will decide if you are in conditions to fly. Most airlines have regulations regarding how late into a pregnancy you may travel. Check before you fly to avoid dissatisfaction.

Maybe is not a good idea to travel anywhere that requires prior immunization. Avoiding the introduction or ingestion of foreign substances during pregnancy (including alcohol and nicotine) is the safest route to a healthy baby.

Try to book a seat with comfort in mind:

  • A seat near the bathroom will facilitate more frequent bladder emptying.
  • An aisle seat will make it easier to get up for quick walks (and trips to the washroom)
  • Bulkhead seats have the most legroom.
  • First class seats will be most comfortable – if you can afford the expenditure.


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