For Travelers with Disabilities

If you or anyone you care has difficulties to make that trip on a plane, and if a special help is required, here are some tips that will improve your comfort and it will make your flight more appropriated according  your needs.

Ask for an Escort Pass

-When making your air travel reservation, you can ask for a special services request that will provide for assistance from ticket counter to gate. However, if you wish for a friend or loved one to accompany you through security and out to the gate, you can also request an escort pass. Your companion must show I.D. and must also follow security procedures, but if you are a nervous or neophyte traveller, having someone you know and trust by your side can make your trip through the airport more pleasurable.

Assistance Dogs

Always let the airline or other transportation company know you will travel with an assistance dog. You may request a bulkhead seat, but it may not be assigned until airport check in. A standard aisle seat may not be the best seat for you and the dog. They frequently have a small area under the seat with a bar that curves into that spot. Some airlines have more leg room that others. Service animals must be allowed on board with a disabled person at no charge, but can be denied boarding if they are a health or safety threat. Assistance dogs-in-training may not be allowed by all airlines and other transportation companies, hotels, etc.

We recommend for you to be confident, but be prepared for the inexperienced employee and always ask for more information before you book a flight.


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