Frequent flyer hits one million miles

A passenger has reached one million frequent flyer miles in what he called “The Great Canadian Mileage Run 2005.”

Marc Tacchi purchased one of Air Canada’s North America Unlimited Passes, a $6,000 ticket that effectively gives the holder unlimited travel within North America between October 1 and November 30.

By spending 56 of the 61 days in an airplane he managed to total 1,003,625 miles.

A day for Mr Tacchi would begin with a morning flight to Victoria, British Columbia. He would then fly back to his home in Vancouver, only to return again to Victoria.

Mr Tacchi would repeat this flight about six times and then board an overnight flight to Toronto. Once in Toronto he would return to Vancouver and continue the cycle.

In total, his mileage credit has earned him the equivalent of ten round trip flights from Canada to Australia in business class, an estimated value of $60,000.

Mr Tacchi wrote in his blog: “I myself need to get to bed in a prone position for some serious rest.”

And what did he do during the few days he wasn’t racking up mileage? Mr Tacchi is a contract pilot who flies a cargo plane once a week to Asia or Europe.

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