High fees for oversized bags


Up to US$450 for baggage fee are charging different airlines. Like American Airlines which has begun charging for an oversize bag weighting between 71lbs and 100lbs.

Continental and United Airlines have introduced a US$400 fee for luggage of a similar size.

Even for normal sized luggage the extra charge can be as high as US$43, revealed a study made by USA Today.

American, Continental and United are by far the most expensive for luggage between 71 and 100 pounds. The closest to the first three is Delta charging US$200.

The figures make angry every consumer because these fees are “hidden” to their eyes and only appear on the final bill, hidden fees that give huge profits to the airlines.

But at the same time, passengers aren’t seeing improvement in performance, not least in lost luggage.

Every year, world’s airlines loose approximately 12 bags for every 1000 passengers and recover 0.43 bags per 1000 fliers, according to a report by SITA.

Last month, new regulations from the U.S. Department of Transportation came into effect to stop the rising anger of costumers with airlines.

These regulations say that airline’s web sites must include a comprehensive breakdown of the final bill, including the cost of the checked and over weight baggage.



High fees for oversized bags
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