Hillary Clinton does want to be subject to travel controls

Hillary Clinton, U.S. State Secretary, said on Sunday that she totally understand passengers who thinks that the new inspection procedures in the airports of the country are going too far and added that she would rather not to be in that situation.

All this in the middle of a strong controversy because of the extensive controls and new scanners that allow to see passengers naked.

Clinton said the situation is because the terrorists “are becoming more creative at hiding the explosives.”

Travelers who refuse to go through the scanners will have to submit to optional inspections. The State Secretary was very clear about it, saying that she wouldn’t want to go through this: “If I could help it, I won’t do it,” mentioned the head of the U.S. diplomacy.

She also expressed her opinion about controls that need to be more precise and more comfortable for passengers.

Hillary Clinton does want to be subject to travel controls
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