Holograms help passengers in a British airport

A British airport created a hologram of two of its officials in the customer service area in order to help expedite the security screening process for passengers.

The images of the Manchester airport employees: John Walsh and Julie Caper were created using the same technology that gives life to the virtual band Gorillaz.

The holograms will welcome passengers at the entrance to the area of security controls and indicate the restrictions of carrying liquids on aircraft.

Although there are boards with information on security restrictions, passengers are still forgetting to remove liquids from their luggage.

Julie Caper said: “We don’t want anyone to have to throw your drink or make up for what has been tried in different ways, to strengthen the rules on liquids, from billboards to people dressed as giant cans of deodorant. “If our holograms help our passengers through the security process even faster, be a good thing. ”

Virtual hosts will begin work on these days.

Holograms help passengers in a British airport
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