Investigating the US Airways incident

A reported stowaway incident Tuesday involving a US Airways employee on a Tampa-to-Charlotte flight appears to be an internal issue for the airline company, although the federal government says it hasn’t finished looking at the case.

Investigators say it appears as if the mechanic stowed away on the Boeing 737, then got off the plane and Charlotte and traveled as a passenger, using a US Airways “buddy pass” for employees, to Pittsburgh. He was taken into custody in Pittsburgh and hospitalized. No charges have been filed in the case, according to several reports.

But the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) released a statement of its own, declaring the case not quite closed.

“TSA has zero tolerance for abuse of the trusted status given to aviation employees who work at airports,” the statement said. “We are continuing our investigation into yesterday’s (Tuesday’s) incident with a US Airways employee.”

Federal officials said the employee’s airport access credentials have been revoked while the investigation continues.

The situation called attention to airport security, which has been a high-profile issue since a Mecklenburg County teen apparently stowed away in the wheel well of a US Airways jet from Charlotte to Boston last November.

The name of the employee has not been released.


Investigating the US Airways incident
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