JetBlue creates partnership with TAM to go further into Latin America

JetBlue, has recently announced an interline partnership with TAM airlines, one of the largest Latin American airlines, which would connect travellers to 45 cities in Brazil and other Latin destinations made by TAM.

This partnership is about an agreement made by both airlines in which they handle passengers travelling on multiple airlines itineraries.

However, passengers won’t be accumulating reward points by flying with the other company.

This partnership would be bringing benefits for JetBlue, for example: Higher international market share, because JetBlue costumers will have new access to TAM’s international destinations such as: Asunción, Paraguay; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Santiago, Chile; Montevideo, Uruguay; and other 45 cities in Brazil. Therefore, this association would expand JetBlue’s international reach.

Also, its traffic would increase due to TAM’s costumers base, flyers who would use JetBlue’s services when connecting flight.


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