LA airports are the least safe

A report from the Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A.) has found that Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and two others nearby have the worst safety record for the country’s largest airports.

Of the 25 largest US airports, Long Beach Airport, John Wayne Airport and Los Angeles had the first, second, and third worst incursion rates.

Nationally, the number of incidents has dropped by 20 per cent, but in Los Angeles the incursion rate has remained high for years.

An incursion was defined by the FAA as a plane or vehicle coming too close to a plane that is landing or taking off.

F.A.A. manager Dave Kurner said he was concerned by the figures, but didn’t believe there was a major safety problem at the airport.

The F.A.A. said part of LAX’s problem was its runway setup, as planes landing in the outer runways must cross the inner runways when taxiing to their gate.

LAX officials believe that a planned $250 million airfield renovation should help reduce the number of incursions.

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