Long distance flights with beds



Full flat beds are revolutionizing Delta Airlines’ long distance flights with the addition of them to the Business Elite sections on its 747-400 aircrafts.

These new acquisition are 20 percent larger than the current seats. They also include technology such as a power outlet, USB port, LED reading lamp & a video monitor showing 300 films, 88 hours of TV, 100 hours of HBO & Showtime shows, plus video games & music.

But this isn’t the only improvement; minded-budget fliers also had upgrades. The 747 aircrafts are getting 4 more inches for extra leg room and can also recline 50 percent more than current seats.

Two more inches of additional knee room and on demand entertainment in a new Economy Comfort section.

Full flat beds are part of the revitalizing plan of Delta for the Boeing 747-400 that flies to and from Tokyo, but its 777s and 767s also will feature the full flat-bed seats.



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