LOT Polish Airlines

LOT Polish Airlines it’s a Poland airline. Its main base is in Frederic Chopin Airport, and this is also the main hub. LOT is one of the oldest airlines in the world and offers its services since 1029. LOT Polish Airlines is a Star Alliance member since 2003.

LOT Polish Airlines destinations:

LOT Polish Airlines covers 68 destinations in 36 countries.

LOT Polish Airlines destination in Africa: Egypt.

LOT Polish Airlines destinations in Asia: Armenia, Cyprus, Georgia, Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Vietnam.

LOT Polish Airlines destinations in Europe: Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom (England).

LOT Polish Airlines flights in America: Canada and the United States.

LOT Polish Airlines phone numbers list:

From Austria: +340810810885

From Belgium:  +34078180014

From Bulgaria: +3429874562

From Canada: +14162364242

From Croatia: +34016176127

From Czech Republic: +34220117729

From Finland: +358 +34969379036

From France: +340800101224

From Germany: +3401803000346

From Greece: +342103237762

From Holland: +34202013917

From Italy: +34848859300

From Poland: +340801703703

From Russia: +344957757737

From Spain: +34901116710

From United Kingdom: +3408456010949

From England: +3412127890970

For more information:

For more information, visit the official website just clicking here.

LOT Polish Airlines
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