Lufthansa offers you the charm of Florence with cheap prices

Do you dare to enjoy the charm of Italy?, Then the German airline Lufthansa brings you the solution offering low-priced tickets to go Florence, the Italian city that is icon of Renaissance and one of the most beautiful in the world.
All the culture, cuisine, fashion, music, architecture and of course the charm of its inhabitants can be enjoyed thanks to the convenient offers from only U.S. $ 567 depending on city of origin.

The offers are:

• From New York to Florence is $ 581 round trip. (Common value: U.S. $ 1,650 in both directions)
• From Atlanta to Florence are U.S. $ 821 roundtrip. (Common value: U.S. $ 1,950 in both directions)
• Chicago to Florence are U.S. $ 701 roundtrip. (Common value: U.S. $ 1,875 in both directions)
• From Denver to Florence are U.S. $ 677 roundtrip. (Common value: U.S. $ 2,376 in both directions)
• Houston Florence are U.S. $ 806 roundtrip. (Common value: U.S. $ 2,323 in both directions)
• Los Angeles to Florence is $ 652 round trip. (Common value: U.S. $ 2,462 in both directions)
• From Miami to Florence is $ 586 round trip. (Common value: U.S. $ 2,285 in both directions)

To see prices in other cities and other information through this link Lufthansa. It is necessary to purchase advance tickets in only a day earlier. Taxes and airport fees are not included.


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