Midwest gets FAA nod for portable oxygen concentrators

Midwest Airlines has been given permission from the Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A.) to let its passengers use two kinds of portable oxygen concentrators (POC).

The designs, AirSep Lifestyle and Inogen One, filter nitrogen from the air and give oxygen in a concentrated form to the user.

Neither uses compressed oxygen, which is classified as hazardous and not allowed on planes.

This past July, the F.A.A. ruled that POCs could be allowed on flights for passengers needing medical oxygen, but airlines must still apply for approval and passengers must prove that the devices will not interfere with the jet’s navigation or communication instruments.

Midwest’s Christopher White was pleased with the F.A.A.’s approval and said it would allow more people to board its planes.

He added: “It is estimated that more than a million Americans require medical oxygen and now many of these individuals will find it easier and more cost effective for them to take advantage of the convenience of air travel.”

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