Morocco, for love and romance

Morocco’s largest city, Casablanca has grown up quickly in the last century and a half, from a small village of just a few thousand to almost four million. But one thing that it hasn’t changed is the beauty and charm of these place.

Today a thriving commercial and industrial metropolis, Casa (as locals call it) is not overtly touristic, but does have a few visit-worthy sites.

The King Hassan II Mosque is the largest visit-worthy sites in Morocco and has the world/s tallest minaret. Casa’s Medina, while smaller than those at Fes and Marrakech, has undergone recent restoration.

Especially for couples and romance, you can also bring all your family with you. It would be a trip to learn and enjoy.

Take the chance to have fun and to discover one of the most romantic places in the whole world: Morocco, you won’t regret it.


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