Most popular health issues when you travel

There are three most common health problems you can suffer when you are on a plane.

Firs of all is jet lag, and this is a condicion you may experience when you fly across time zones. This can produce a change in your internal body clock. What can you do to avoid it? Try to stay away from the sun light, at least for a day alter you arrival.

The second problem is altitude sickness. This can cause you dehydration, headaches and breathing issues. And it’s not the same for everyboday. Some people can be affected by this by different altitudes. It is import to find out what altitude can be a problema for you. To prevent altitude sickness , we suggest you to do some activities where you can test your altitude tolerante. And try to go farther every time. Consult your doctor in case you think you may have this condition.

And the last one, diarrhea. The best way to prevent this from happening it’s to control what you eat and drink on board.  A foreign type or bacteria enters your digestive track, and  this happen if when your food or water it’s contaminaded. Diarrhea it’s uncomfortable and not very easy to handle in a plane.

Keep an eye on this, and good luck on your next trip.


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