New trans-Atlantic service takes off

Luxury airline Maxjet has started the first of its business class-only flights between London’s Stansted Airport and New York.

It follows the recent launch of its rival Eos, which began flying the route last month.

Roundtrip airfares for the route on Eos start at $4,400 (£2,500) and are expected to rise to $6,200 (£3,500) in February. Maxjet’s airfares are cheaper, but still cost $1,500 (£854) round-trip.

One reason for Maxjet’s lower fares could be its use of larger planes as its flights have 102 seats compared to Eos’ 48.

The chief executive of Maxjet, Gary Rogliamo, said: “The launch of Maxjet begins a new era in business class travel. We are dedicated to creating a smarter way to fly and we intend to constantly evolve to meet all business-class travellers’ needs.”

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