Qantas suspends flights

Qantas Airlines suspended the Airbus A380 flight this last Thursday. The cause of this unfortunate event: an engine failure that forced one of its planes to crash land in Singapore.

The Airbus A380 departed from London and was carrying 459 people, it suffered a failure in one of its four engines shortly after leaving the state island in Southeast Asia when it was on its way to Sydney.

Qantas said it would leave its aircraft down Earth until an investigation is conducted into the incident. The incident caused no injuries, but this measure will continue until they are completely safe, according to the gathered information about the accident.

There are no fatal accidents involving the A380 since it was launched in 2005 as the quieter, environmentally friendly and largest aircraft the world.

The incident happened a few days before Qantas Airlines celebrates its 90th anniversary.


Qantas suspends flights
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