Refund to passengers of the JetBlue flights stuck in Connecticut


Passengers of the five flights stranded on the tarmac of a Connecticut Airport are being by JetBlue.

Due to the Northeastern snowstorm, passengers were for more than eight hours at Bradley International Airport.

“Yes, we started issuing refunds, but it will take us a while to get everyone,” said Alison Croule , airline spokesman. Passengers have been given a letter which notifies them of a full refund for their trip and round-trip voucher for future flights. Costumer-service workers were also told to call each passenger and aplologize.

Passengers were given a letter last weekend notifying them of a full refund for their trip and a round-trip voucher for future trips. Customer-service workers also were told to call each customer and apologize.
“Let’s face it, you count on us at JetBlue for a lot more — and we promise a lot more — and we know we let some of you down over the course of this weekend, and for that we are truly sorry,” said Rob Maruster, chief operating officer.
Maruster also said the airline intends to “fully participate with the Department of Transportation and cooperating with their investigation into events” during the storm. During the eight-hour ordeal aboard Flight 504, there was little food or water, passengers were fighting and some had medical issues.



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