Remains controversy by airports scanners

Upset passengers because of the body scanners at airports were planning to protest today. The situation is growing and there’s more people raising they’re voice against this procedure. The head of the security transportation called on passengers to accept the new rules so they can reduce the waiting time in one of the most intense traffic days of the year.

Protests organized by Internet would use leaflets, T-shirts and in one case, a kilt, to show their dissatisfaction with what they see as an unnecessarily and invasive way to treat travelers.

Some passengers were afraid to delays: more than 40 million people are planning to move during the brief holiday from Thanksgiving Day, of which 1,600,000 will do it by air.

No disorders were reported this morning in one of the major airports. But the police and the airport security are aware to any suspicious situation with passengers who refuse to be checked by the scanner machines.

Remains controversy by airports scanners
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