Salt Lake City Airport gets new shops for non-passengers

Salt Lake City International Airport will be adding On the Fly Urban Market stores in its non-passenger, ‘unsecure’ areas of its terminals.

The store specializes in a range of products usually found at the supermarket, such as fresh-made sandwiches, soups, desserts, flowers, books and coffee.

The concept is to offer something to those who are picking up a friend or relative at the airport. Prices should remain close to those charged at a regular store, instead of the higher fees usually found at airports.

Brooke Quaintance, vice president at Air Terminal Gifts, the company that owns the store, said: “We want to keep it more street-priced. When we originally started this concept we based it on other similar concepts on the street.”

In addition, On the Fly Urban Market, will allow customers to order before arriving at the airport so that something can be waiting for them once they arrive.

Since September 11, non-ticketed people at the airport have not been allowed into the shopping areas.

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