Seagle Air

Seagle Air is an emerging airline from Slovakia, has its central base in Trenčín, Slovakia. Its operations are conducted at the airport in Bratislava, with a second base in Prague.

Seagle Air destinations:

Seagle Air operates non-scheduled and regular, including passengers, cargo and mail from charter flights to domestic and international destinations.

Seagle Air destinations to Europe: Slovakia, Spain, Italy, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey and Isreal as part of the Middle East.

Seagle Air destinations to Africa: Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt.

Seagle Air phone numbers list:

From Slovakia: 00421 2 333 007 62

From the rest of the world via email:

For More Information:

For reservations, schedules, check in and everything else, visit the official website by clicking here.

Seagle Air
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