Singapore airport is first with VoIP lounge

Singapore’s Changi Airport, the sixth busiest airport in the world, has become the first to offer an Internet telephony lounge.

While Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is available on any computer with internet access and a headset, this is the first airport lounge devoted to internet telephony.

The lounge was launched through a partnership with Singapore’s Civil Aviation Authority and MediaRing, one of the largest VoIP providers in Asia.

MediaRing’s chief executive officer, Khaw Kheng Joo, believes that the new lounge will add to Singapore’s reputation as a world-class travel and telecommunications hub.

He said: “We believe that our high-value, low-cost VoIP international calls to passengers at the Singapore Changi Airport will significantly enhance its telecommunication facilities.”

To promote the new lounge, MediaRing will offer passengers free international calls from December 1 to 8, 2005. After this date passengers will pay a small cash deposit of Singapore$5.00 to use the Internet phones.

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