Southwest: rules and training on how to deal with angry passengers


Conflicts, disruptive and angry passengers are thing flight attendants deal with every day. Therefore, Southwest Airlines gives them detailed training on how to resolve these kinds of issues.

What kind of behaviours get to kick a passenger off the flight, abusive language, right clothing on board, being drunk or barefoot are other types of rules when flying on Southwest.

As an example of what passengers shouldn’t do, last week, actress Leisha Hailey was kicked off a flight when a disputed erupted after she kissed her girlfriend, Camila Grey.

Green Day’s lead Singer, Billie Joe, was removed after refusing to pull up his pants.

Southwest Airlines doesn’t have specific rules on what to wear or how to behave when flying with it. But the airline’s contact of carriage”– the legal rules attached to every ticket- has a long list of reasons that specify when and why Southwest can remove passengers from flights.



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