Special offers, special destinations

Fly to several destinations, roundtrip, and enjoy your winter break as you never did before. Look for the deal that better suits you and relax in the United States or in some other country. You can have the best of the winter or the best of the summer right now.

Don’t waste any time and book a flight right now. This offers won’t last too long.


Flights to Orlando. Spirit Airlines: $81 Roundtrip

Flights to Denver. Frontier Airlines: $141 Roundtrip

Mexico/ Caribbean

Flights to San Juan. AirTran Airways: $151 Roundtrip

Flights to Cancun. Spirit Airlines: $155 Roundtrip


Flights to Moscow. Aeroflot: $507 Roundtrip

Flights to Copenhagen. Icelandair: $623 Roundtrip


Flights to Hong Kong. Cathay Pacific Airways: $936 Roundtrip

Flights to Nadi. Air Pacific: $1041 Roundtrip

South America

Flights to Cartagen. Avianca:$221 Roundtrip

Flights to Sao Paulo. TAM Linhas Aereas: $800 Roundtrip


Flights to Accra. Turkish Airlines: $907 Roundtrip

Flights to Dakar. South African Airways: $1055 Roundtrip


Special offers, special destinations
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