Spirit Airlines gives hurricane victims a sale

Discount airline Spirit has announced that it will be offering a sale on its airfares to help victims of Hurricane Wilma leave the affected area.

Starting today the Miramar-based airline is offering one-way fares of $36 from its Florida hub in Fort Lauderdale.

President and chief operating officer of Spirit, Ben Baldanza, said the airline recognized the need of many South Floridians to get out of the region.

He said: “As a Miramar-based company, we know the strain that Hurricane Wilma and her aftermath has placed on local residents. It’s definitely the right time to take a few days away from it all. We’re calling this our Cabin Fever Sale and if you’ve caught it then you should definitely catch a Spirit flight out.”

Some sample one-way airfares include Fort Lauderdale to Nassau, Bahamas for $39; Washington, D.C. for $46; and New York for $46.

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