St. Louis: The heart of the heartland

St. Louis is very close to being the geographical center of the United States and it truly won’t disappoint the tourist seeking to experience one of the cities in America’s heartland.

The city bursts with tradition, the Mississippi ferryboats, the Gateway Arch and its Old Courthouse all reflect the era and spirit of when America was expanding westward.

Historically St Louis was a major stopover point for settlers headed to California and Oregon.
Today it is set for a boost, as a new bill signed by President Bush will add more flights to and from the city.

The bill lifted restrictions faced by Southwest Airlines on its operations from Dallas Love Airport that forbid it operating flights to destinations outside Texas from the airport.

Immediately after the ruling the airline added daily flights between Dallas and St. Louis, along with another flight to Kansas City. Southwest also operates a hub out of St. Louis with flights from the city to most of its destinations.

Visitors to St. Louis can currently see an exhibition of more than 300 artifacts from the Titanic at the Saint Louis Science Center through to April 16, 2006.

Photographic images of Titanic’s passengers and crew, and documentation of their ultimate fates, portray the human side of the story.

Exact replica recreations of the ship’s famous Grand Staircase and passenger cabins allow visitors to “walk through” the infamous ship as well as touch an “ice wall” to feel the water temperature of the North Atlantic on that fateful night of April 15, 1912 when Titanic sank.

Simultaneous with the exhibit, the Saint Louis Science Center presents “Ghosts of the Abyss,” an OMNIMAX film with breathtaking underwater views of Titanic’s watery grave and a planetarium show that depicts the sky on the night of the disaster.

Most major airlines operate direct services between St Louis and other American cities. Discount airline ATA connects St. Louis to Hawaii, Minneapolis and Washington, D.C and Frontier Airlines flies between St. Louis and Denver.

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