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Google presents its new Flight Search service

Google released today its initial version in the US of their new Flight Search, which will compete with websites such as Orbitz, Kayak and TripAdvisor, to find the best airfares. Google entered this business in April, when the US authorities approved the purchase from ITA Software, which developed the most used flight locator tool.

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Airfares rising in the United States

The unstable economy of the US has made the airlines rise their flight rates, for the ninth time this year. US Airways increased up to US$5 the fees of short trips, bought at the moment, such as walk-up purchases. This rise was also applied by United Airlines, Delta Airlines and Southwest Airlines. In the case of US Airways, is sure …

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Business travel fares to rise in 2006

Airfares, car rental and luxury hotels for business travel purposes will all become more expensive in 2006. According to research from American Express Business Travel, business class airfares and car rental prices will both rise by eight per cent in 2006, while hotel accommodation will increase by five per cent. Some analysts are attributing these rising costs to a resurgent …

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