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Remains controversy by airports scanners

Upset passengers because of the body scanners at airports were planning to protest today. The situation is growing and there’s more people raising they’re voice against this procedure. The head of the security transportation called on passengers to accept the new rules so they can reduce the waiting time in one of the most intense traffic days of the year.

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Smart underwear for airport scanners

There has been a lot to talk about the new technologies that the U.S. and some European airports implemented to increase security. One of the most complicated things for travelers is the machine scanners to check under their clothes, allowing officials to see the passengers naked on the monitor.

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Logan to overhaul runways

After a summer of near misses and close calls, Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A.) and Boston Logan Airport officials have said they are considering measures to make the airport safer. Among the plans will be a new ‘taxiway’ that will enable planes to taxi back to their gates without having to cross runways. Logan’s design is practically asking for problems as …

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