Tokyo rises again as a tourist destination after earthquake

Tokyo returns to raise strongly after the tragedy happened to Japan on March 11 of the present year, demonstrating it on having turned into one of the tourist destinations most quoted due to his attractive culture and his new low costs.
For any tourist, it is advisable to travel to the main nipon city,  that it attracts for his strong cultural contrast; on the one hand the solemnity of his ancient roots and for other one the futurist aura of his technology, both attributes do that Tokyo is a unforgettable destination.
When you get there you should visit the gardens of the Imperial Palace, where you will appreciate the history of this country, close to the contact with the past we have Ginza is where you will appreciate the cosmopolitan and consumist air of Tokyo to be the place where multinationals and all trade is concentrated.
Also we find an union between tradition and innovation when there is compared the neighborhood of Asakusa and Shibuya; the first one is outlined for Cannon’s old temple, in which the tradition and folklore bloom with the showy religious festivals in honor of Buda.
While the second one, concentrates the largest trade and entertainment area in Japan, what makes it very visited by the tourists and the teenagers of the country of the rising sun. Although this area is known for its strong Western influence, is also visited by Hachiko Square, baptized this way in honor to a faithful dog that I expect there for his owner years after the death from this one, in the place raised this one the statue of this dog who stood out for one of the values most estimated by the Japanese, the loyalty.

For this beautiful culture and the low costs of the passages for the serious incident happened in March, Tokyo is a city that worth knowing.


Tokyo rises again as a tourist destination after earthquake
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