Top Adventure Destinations in the World

1) Costa Rica

This country is the first one in our list, winning the title of the favorite destination in the world. You can surf, dive, fish and so much more. The sky is the limit in Costa Rica. From the dense rainforests to the sparkling seashores, this is a must in your travel inventory.

2) New Zealand

Did you watch the “Lord of the Rings”? If you haven’t… go and rent it! You’ll understand why. This amazing country has the second place in our list. It is a grand spot for adventure, and you’ll find plenty activities and places to visit.

3) South Africa

Explore the Dark Continent and South Africa’s rich wildlife. From famous waterfalls and huge, rolling rivers, to and nature events that rank among the best the world over, the diversity of this region lends itself to travelers looking to see several attractions in the same area. Don’t take too long and enjoy!


Top Adventure Destinations in the World
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