U.S. installs more scanners at airports

Huge scanners that produce enough radiation to see through clothing. All this to help in the search of suspicious objects, but in spite of this federal officials insist that the scanners are safe.

The government is installing around the airport of the country, hundreds of additional full-body scanners to review the large number of travelers from the holidays.

A group of independent experts agree with the machinery safety, only if the radiation doses are kept within limits. Some scientists are concerned that the machines could malfunction, increasing the cancer risk.

The Safety Administration (TSA, for short) ensures that the radiation from a scanner is about the same as a person would receive about three minutes to fly on a plane for nine thousand meters (30,000 feet) altitude, where atmospheric radiation levels are higher than on the ground.

A person would have to go through the scanner more than 1,000 times a year to be exposed to the maximum tolerable level.

Anyway some passenger have declared their fear about the possibility of excessive radiation, as well as among some crews already overexposed to radiation in flight.

Some pilots choose not to be reviewed by the machines.

U.S. installs more scanners at airports
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