USA 3000 planes sport Angels

Music fans take note: USA 3000 planes have been decorated with members of British rock band The Jones Gang.

The band, notable for their current hit single Angel, are appearing on the jets as a result of collaboration between the record company AAO Music/Reality and the discount airline.

A drawing of the three members Kenney Jones, Rick Wills and Robert Hart by Rolling Stones’ guitarist Ron Wood appears on the fuselage of USA 3000’s jets, while their album title and logo is present on the tail.

The Jones Gang is a recent creation, each member hailing from a great tradition of well-known rock bands. Jones himself is a former member of The Who, while Hart was a singer with Bad Company.

Last week USA 3000 sent 13 flights into Cancun, Mexico to evacuate tourists who were stranded there after Hurricane Wilma struck.

The Philadelphia-based airline operates routes from cities in the North East and Midwest to Florida, the Dominican Republic and Mexico, as well as charter flights to destinations in the Caribbean and Mexico.

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