USAir reconsiders Sioux Falls service

US Airways is considering dropping its daily round trip service between Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Phoenix.

The airline, which is the product of the America West and US Airways merger, says it needs as much as $1.2 million in passenger revenue from the city to continue the service.

Smaller passenger numbers and soaring fuel prices have made the route less profitable prompting the airline to consider taking it out of action.

Currently airport and airline officials are in negotiations and trying to find a solution that will keep USAir in Sioux Falls.

Airline spokesman Carlo Bertolini said: “We obviously would never enter a market that wouldn’t be successful and receive support and be relevant to the community. We just have to keep looking at it as it goes on.”

Should US Airways decide to drop the service it will likely not affect passengers for at least another few months as negotiations are ongoing and removing a flight can take a considerable amount of time.

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