Virgin America and Lufthansa joint to innovate on aircrafts

Virgin America and Lufthansa have joined their resources to innovate on aircrafts.

Between both companies have designed devices which will be embedded in the back of the headrest of the seats.  These devices consist in HD monitor, WiFi connectivity and chat with the rest of the passengers.

The Internet is entering aircrafts slowly. So far, in cases where it is accessible, rates are very expensive.

In the line to incorporate the latest technology on aircrafts for the enjoyment of passengers is Lufthansa and Virgin America’s initiative. The project is expected to give its results in 2012. On that date, the first flight with this technology should be operating.

Users will be able to enjoy music and movies, as live television. Videogames are another attraction that both companies offer in their joint project.



Virgin America and Lufthansa joint to innovate on aircrafts
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